Everything’s dies… my servers too

Posted: 21/04/2010 in System Administration
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Hi All,

yesterday, a server of mine on AWS died without any apparently problem. Simply, it ends to respond on any port: panic!!

What’s happen? Why a server online since mid 2009 went down? How recover any data? Backup or else? How would it takes?

To make it short: after three reboot from panel nothing changes, so nothing but create a new server was the solution.

After detach the ip and terminte the zombie server, I started a new server, attached disk, update the packages of linux release, remapped some paths…. and the server is up and running!!!

All in 30 mins.


This is possible using EBS volumes that are persistent resources: mapping persistent folders on a EBS volume you can start and stop any server without loosing datas.

In my post AWS: a simple backup suite, I spent two words about what I mean with “persistent”. On AWS, if you use instance-store image (AMI), you know that root fs is not persisent across a shutdown, so you need to use a secondary disk (from EBS) to store any information you want to keep stored.

In that previous post I made an example with /srv but in reality I use parts of /etc, /var, /opt, and /home.

Unfortunatelly, you can forgot some folder or hope that a very stable system never goes down, but as this fact teachs, everything’ dies… servers too.

  1. francescociriaci says:

    Everything… *virtual* servers too.

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