EuroPycon 2011: first day

Posted: 21/06/2011 in Develop, System Administration
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Hi All,

today I’d like to talk about EuroPycon 2011. This year, EuroPycon and Pycon Italia are merged in a single conference. The reason is simple: make a better work. The target is seems to be caught. The location is in Florence, near the Arno (the Florence river): beautiful city, with a very nice weather, sunny but not so hot.

The only problem I found is around the connection, but I think this happen in many conference.

About the talk of the first day, I’m not so happy, but this is only the first date, so I really can say nothing bad about that.

An interesting talk was: “5 years of bad ideas”. In this talk, the author explain his point of view about using python. I can say he is a hacker of python because use to touch and change some feature at low level. How is validate this kind of works can be discussed, but it is very interesting how python is customizable.

Tomorrow: all about the second day.



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