EuroPycon 2011: second day

Posted: 22/06/2011 in Develop, System Administration
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Hi All,

yesterday was a very hard day, only a few hours really dedicated to my bed, so following all talks was very hard.

The first talk of the day was titled “Relate or !Relate”, a report of sourceforge developer about his experience with PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I really loved that talk, because he explains that is not necessary to use only one of the two, but you can use what you like depending the situation. In a world full of religious crusade for every tool, this is a very good point of view for me.

After that I saw a talk related uWSGI, a personal implementation of a protocol for web applications. That talk was in italian but I’m not sure to understand exactly what frameworks for web applications support it. Not so bad in general.

The last talk was dedicated to Viri, a client/server application to upload and execute python scripts across the network. Initially it was apper as a good idea, but during the talk I saw nothing different respect what you can do with scp and ssh, so I’m not sure I will try it.

No more news from yesterday.

Stay tuned.




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