EuroPython 2011: last day

Posted: 12/07/2011 in Develop, System Administration
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Hi All,
the last day of the conference, all of us are tired because 5 days of conference are very tiring.

By the way,  I followed Alex Martelli about Design Pattern…. I hoped to get something better.

The main talk of the day was “0MQ”. This is a library cross language who wrap sockets, pipes, etc. Very interesting library but a little bit young, for example it didn’t support ssl natively, but it implements queues to make asynchronous communications. It implements too some comunications pattern as: client/server, one to more, farm (emitter, workers, collector) and else.

Dependency Injection was the title of last talk of the day. This talk wasn’t so technical and not so related to python but may be applied to many languages.

In the afternoon I left the conference bacause 5 days are too much :).



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