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Nginx is the actual choice, talking about webserver. It is easy to configure and can serve high levels of parallel requests. Apache, long loved webserver, is losing fan… until now.

Google develop a very interesting module called pagespeed who transform a site in a optimized site using PageSpeed,analyzer. A simple example would be images: every time you analyze a site, PageSpeed shown you how your images are bad, fat a bandwidth eager. This module perform the optimization on the image and keep it a local cache to serve any request.

The site you have to read is

Setup is very easy, use apt, rpm or what_you_like toi install Apache. After that, you can download mod_pagespeed directly from the previous url, and install it.

Now you are ready to fight: start your backend, start apache and test it. Usually I user pagespeed plugin for firefox, because the one for chromium doesn’t works.

If you use Plone as backend, many problems are easy fixed installing Strong caching for static resources and no-cache for else may be a good way. Remember to enable gzip compression. Forget all about cache invalidation, it doesn’t works and I’m able to explain why. Contact me if you want to know.

After setting content expiration, the big problem is optimize all images: this link show you how you ca do that cut & pasting few rows in apache cfg file.

My test was made using a production website that obtain 84/100 with pagespeed using varnish as frontend and Plone as backend. I installed apache instead varnish and applied the image optimization: the ne score is 93/100.

Nice fly for 15 working minutes.