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Posted: 15/11/2011 in Develop
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Hi all,

after publication of collective.plone.reader (see previous post for details) I published an extension called collective.plone.mailer. This one looks for all aggregators and for each ones create periodically an email reporting last updates to the owner. Recurrence is configurable for each aggregator.

There’s no configuration available on site, but every user can choose if he wants to receive the email.

It was develop for plone 3.5 so I’m no sure it works correctly on other versions.

Please report any experience.




Posted: 15/11/2011 in Develop
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Hi All,

I uploaded on github a project of mine called collective.plone.reader.

This product realize a something like a plone topic (collection) not based on criteria but folder subscription.

It is very easy to use:

  • add to your working plone this product
  • install into plone the product (quickinstall)
  • every user needs to create an aggregator (portal type) keeping ownership

Now every user can navigate through the site and add contents to the aggregator using the related action (a star icon).

If you need, you can manipulate the setup of the product using portal_properties: access to ZMI/portal_properties, select  collective.plone.reader_properties properties sheet.

Here you can customize what you like:

  • enabled_types: list of content types you want to aggregate
  • visible_contents: list of visible contents in the aggregator
  • mapping_content_to_index: list of mapping from portal types to catalog indexes, this is very useful when you use facets
  • other_options: list of options for solr, they are static

It was develop for plone 3.5, so I’m not sure it works correctly on following versions, if you got an experience please contact me.

An extension is available, it is called collective.plone.mailer. This package allows to send periodically an e-mail to the owner of an aggregator a report related aggregated contents.