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Chameleon and Plone

Posted: 16/01/2012 in Develop
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Plone uses page templates in a intensive way, so they have to work very fast. Chameleon is not a new solution for this kind of problems but it works on a Plone Vanilla out of the box. Some years ago I tested it on Plone 3.x but too much work was needed to fix all page templates, so it was aborted. I do not want to spend a time to explain how it works, you can read all about that at

I made some tests comparing Plone Vanilla with Plone + and these are the results:

Plone Vanilla
(first call)
(following calls)
Real 2.075 8.292 1.699
User 0.013 0.007 0.010
Sys 0.017 0.027 0.023

Times are in seconds and they are a result multiple invocation of

$ time wget -r -np

It is impressive, 15% faster than a Vanilla. A great strike in the match Compilers vs Interpreters 🙂 .