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Hi All,

Today I uploaded mu backup suite for AWS on github.

This is the url:

For details about that, please read this article.


Read full article following this link:
Microsoft patches 1990s-era ‘Ping of Death’

Hi All,

I’m back from Brussels to participate to FOSDEM. I think the title of this post may be the shortest definition I can image and incredibly real at the same time.

Fully of people from all sites of the earth. Funny and very very well organized. Fosdem, two days of 250 talks about distributions (Debian, FreeBSD, BSD, KUbuntu, etc), shell scripting (gnu parallel, gnu autotools), languages (Java, Python, Mono, etc), browser and standards (Firefox 4, HTML 5), virtualization and more.

Unfortunally, I lost the key sign party :(, I’m very sad for it.

What truely impress me is about the organization: I see stands about main things in opensource (distributios, browsers, suites, FSFE, dbs) but I see no commercial sponsors. I love this. To find their list I had to read last pages of Fosdem guide, and they are not invasive.

To complete this short presentation, I want to tell about the people are in. I think we was around 3k. I was very impressed.

Take a look to the talks.

The best talk I heard was about “GNU Parallel”, a GNU command line utility to execute in parallel a command in classical shell style. It was very technical and focused. In second place, the presentation of REAR was very interesting: it analyze what means “recovery procedure” in relation with “backup/restore procedure”. I heard someone says that bash scripting is out of time and obsolete (because REAR is a bash scripting suite) but following the talk, I ever more convinced about the necessary of shell scripting. For my point of view, languages like python are very great and powerful, but low level operations needs shell scripting.

Another interesting talk was the one about GNU AutoTools, the well-know suite to compile programs platform indipendent.

And now, something completly difference: “Pasta alla Carbonara”. Take cooked pasta, take a carbonara, put it on the pasta… ready!

What I didn’t like was the track about virtualization: I hope to find something like “Best practice for this or for that”. Nothing but OpenStack unfortunatelly.

Oh, do I saw that I lost myself in Brussel?! No?!? Well happen this too :P.

And now the hardest question: will I back for next Fosdem? At the moment, my answer is positive but I hope to keep my wife with me next time, may be adding two or three days for a break.

See soon.