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This post is asked by a friend of mine, Vincenzo Di Somma, from Canonical and he was very surprised to see an oracle db on a small netbook. In reality, it is very simple.

What you need is a netbook with 1.5GB of free space on disk. I suggest 2GB of ram too.  I make setup on ubuntu 9.04, but it works on any linux distro.

First of all, we need oracle. There’s a free version for developer called Oracle XE. This version is smaller and simpler than the full version, but the interface is the same, so if you have to develop without licence problem this is your version.

Once you have download the file, you can follow usual way to install it.

During the installation, setup asks about user and password access, obviously you can choice what you want.

The game is done.

You can access to oracle XE by web client or using another kind of client. In my case study, I used RelStorage to substitute FileStorage of Plone, but this is another story 🙂 .